We will try to answer your questions.

1. Registration

For full-fledged work on our site, we recommend that you go through the registration procedure on our site. This will allow you to open the huge possibilities of our Service for the sale and purchase of cars!

In order to register, follow the link.
In the window that opens, you need to provide the following information:

• Email address.
It will serve as the next login.
Specify real mail, because after registration you will need to confirm your mail by clicking on the link that will be in the letter.

• Phone number.
He needs to contact you. This number can be contacted by the buyer or seller!
Later you can change the phone number or add an additional number.

• Password/Repeat password.
Passwords must match each other. We made a duplicate password entry to avoid possible problems with incorrect password entry. It will also be required to sign in to your account.
You can change your password at any time using the link if you suddenly forgot it or don't like it.

• Check the box to indicate that you are aware of our rules.

After you click on the "Confirm" button, your account will be created, and an email with an account activation link will be sent to your mail. You can go directly to the activation link to log in to your account, or you can log in and verify your account later. Without verifying your account, you will not be able to post ads.

2. Log In

In order to log into your account, you can follow the link.

We have several options for logging into an account:

• Login using mail and password, which was specified during registration;
• Login using your Google account;
• Login using your personal Facebook account.

If you forgot your password, no problem!
You can change it at any time using the link where you need to specify the registration mail on our website. An email will be sent to this email address with a link to reset your password. After you click on the "Login" button, you will log in to the site, and you will have access to all the functionality of our service.

3. Check by VIN

Do you have the vehicle's VIN number? Excellent!
With the help of our free VIN check service, you can find out the information you need about the car. To do this, follow the link and enter the VIN number.

Today, we can show information on a car brought from America for free. If you check a car that was imported from Russia or other countries, you will see an error: "Unfortunately, we could not find the information."

We also maintain an active dialogue with market monopolists, such as CARFAX, etc., so that you can get all the necessary information about the car being checked in one window. Therefore, we will soon add a new functionality for checking by VIN, where there will be much more information!

4. Switch language

We have implemented a multilingual system!
There are 3 languages that we support for you to choose from, namely:
• Armenian;
• Russian;
• English.

We try to remember the language you choose so you don't have to change it every time, but we're not perfect, so sometimes you'll have to change it manually.

The default language is Armenian.

5. Menu and its possibilities

When you log in to our service, you will have access to the navigation menu, which we will discuss below.

We consider this menu as the main navigation tool that will help you get the most out of our site.

5.1 My ads

In this

, you can see all your ads that you have published.

This is where you can delete/modify or even archive your ads.

To archive means to make the ad unavailable for viewing by other users, but the ad itself will not be removed from the site.

• In the "Active" section - those ads that have passed moderation and are visible to other users of the site are displayed;
• In the "Archive" section - those ads that are under moderation or in the Archive will be shown.

At the moment, for all users there is a limit of publications of 10 machines!
To help you understand how many cars you can still publish, we have a counter that shows the current load of your ads.
We believe that this number of publications will be enough to make it comfortable to work with our service.

If you think that there are not enough places or there are not enough of them, then we have great news again! Below we will tell you how we can be useful to you.

You will also have access to information about current subscriptions to those services that you purchased in our store, so that you are always on the alert!

5.2 Favorites

This is a super menu that contains 4 useful links, namely:

ТAll cars that you have added to your favorites will be stored here. This functionality is useful in that you will not need to look for the car that you have looked after yourself the next time you visit the site.
And besides, if the seller has reduced the price of the selected car, then you will immediately know about it!
Saved Searches
Yes Yes! You can save your search query so that later you do not have to enter the search parameters for the right, cool and just super-car again!
And also, if a new ad for your saved search suddenly appears, a notification will be sent to your mail with a link to a new car!
You no longer need to waste your precious time searching for the right car!
We have a limit of 6 saved searches.
Do you know a seller or dealer? Great, you can subscribe to sellers to see the cars of the right people right away!
Recent Views
We thought that it would not be superfluous to store information about viewed ads. Suddenly you missed something important, and with this feature you can always find what you were looking for!
This feature has a limit of 30 viewed cars per category.

5.3 Compare

We have added the ability to compare cars with each other!
ДTo do this, in the ad card, click on the "Add to comparison" or "Remove from comparison" button if you want to remove it from the comparison table.

Machines within the same window will be compared with each other according to various parameters.
All cars are compared here.

For each category of transport - its own comparison! There is a limit of 6 cars for each category of transport. You just have to choose the right option!

5.4 Messages

We have implemented a real online chat!
With it, you can, within one window, immediately contact the seller and discuss various details.

In order to write to the seller, in the ad card, click on the "Write to the seller" button.
ОA new page will open where you can ask your questions.
And the seller will receive a notification that he has an unread message and he can immediately reply to you!
In simple terms, this is an analogue of WhatsApp / Viber

5.5 Wallet

How often do situations arise when you urgently need to sell a car, but there is no way to draw attention to an ad?

To do this, we have created a Wallet section where you can:

• Buy additional places for car publications;
• Bring the car to the TOP (To the main page), thereby attracting more views and selling the car faster;
• Highlight the ad so that it draws attention to itself;
• Mark with "Urgent"!

Each option has its own conditions for purchasing the service. For example, for a period of 1 day to a month.

And there are often Promotions!

How to replenish the Wallet balance?

To do this, specify the amount of replenishment in AMD and click on the "Replenish" button.
A "Payment chat" with our employee "Accepting payments" will open.
You will automatically fill in the text to send a message to our seller. All you have to do is click on the "Submit" button.

Our specialist will clarify how it will be more convenient for you to replenish the balance. For example, TellCell, Idram, Visa/Master Card and others.

As soon as the funds are credited to your account, our specialist will inform you about this and in the "Wallet" section you will see your current balance.
Now you can purchase the desired service.

We are currently developing the functionality of accepting payments to speed up the payment process, but we need some time.

5.6 Profile

In this section, you can see information about yourself and your active ads.
This is how other users see your page.

Seller's page

In each ad card, you can go to the seller's profile.
There you can see information about the seller, add to favorites, and also write or even block him if he is too annoying.

5.7 Settings

This is where you can enter information about yourself. The more information you provide about yourself, the more confidence people will have in you as a seller or buyer.

You can add an avatar to make it easier to find you among thousands of users, or set up email notifications.

The following options are also available:

• Change current mail/Email
Please note that you can change your current mail to a new one if it is not registered with us in the system, and if you confirm the password for your account.
This is done for the security of your account. After you provide the required information, you will receive an email with further instructions.

• Change or add an additional phone.
To do this, you will be required to re-enter your password to your account in order to avoid fraudulent actions by intruders.

6. Posting ads

To place an ad for a transport, you need to specify the minimum information about the car, going through 3 steps:

• Specify basic information, namely:

• Select the category of transport (Example: Passenger or Special Equipment);
• Specify Make and Model;
• Specify the year of manufacture of the car and the total mileage;
• Specify the price and choose the currency in which you sell. At the time of quoting, we will try to show you the average price of this machine based on our experience;
• Select images.

• Specify additional information, namely:

• Color, Condition, Body, Engine, Drive, Gearbox, Location...

• Specify optional information.

In our opinion, the more information you leave on the ad, the greater the chance to sell the car quickly and at a good price!

And now for some magic:

Due to the fact that we will not be able to control every ad due to the large number of publications, we have trained Artificial Intelligence (AI*) to help us in the approval of your ads.

While the car is being loaded, our friend hides the registration number of the car so that you do not waste your time on it, and also checks the photos and information about the car for violations of our rules.
If the AI* finds a discrepancy with our rules, then your ad will be checked by a moderator and if no violations are found, then the ad will be published.
Otherwise, the ad will be automatically published and you will see it immediately.

You will not be able to post a new ad if you have exceeded the allowed limits. To do this, use our store.

7. Become a dealer

If you have your own organization that sells / resells vehicles, then the ARMAUTO.AM platform is just for you!

You will need to contact us by filling out a short form.
Our employees will contact you and tell you about the next steps to get the Dealer status and their benefits!

8. Sale of Auto Parts

Today we are actively developing this functionality so that you can sell and find not only cars, but everything related to them.

We plan to launch this section in the near future.

9. Wallet replenishment


Is it difficult for you to translate? We will help!

To use any service, you need to replenish your wallet. Any replenishment without commission. On your first deposit, you will receive a BONUS +30% of the amount. There are several ways to make a transfer:

1) QIWI Wallet

- Link for translation
- In the "Translation comment" field, enter the Email you specified when registering on the site.
- You can transfer in rubles/dollars. Your ArmAuto wallet will be replenished in AMD at the current ruble exchange rate.

2) Using Telcell, Idram, EasyPay terminals to WALLET (Telcell Wallet, Idram, EasyWallet).

- In the terminal, select Telcell Wallet, Idram or EasyWallet respectively.
- Enter the specified phone number +374-55-31-61-91, then the amount to transfer.
- Press the payment button and in a few minutes your ArmAuto wallet will be replenished without commission!

2.1 Using the Telcell Wallet application


- - After entering the application, click the "Pay" button, then select "Telcell Wallet Transfer".
- Enter the specified phone number +374-55-31-61-91 and click "Next".
- Enter the transfer amount. In the "Comment" field, enter the Email that was specified when registering on the site.
- Click "Next" and in a few minutes your ArmAuto wallet will be replenished without commission!

2.2 With the Idram App


- After entering the application, click the button "To another Idram ID".
- Enter the specified phone number +374-55-31-61-91 and click "Next".
- Enter the transfer amount. In the "Notes" field, enter the Email that was specified when registering on the site.
- Click "Continue" and in a few minutes your ArmAuto wallet will be replenished without commission!

2.3 Using the EasyWallet App

- After entering the application, click the "Translate" button.
- In the "Search" field Enter the specified phone number +374-55-31-61-91 and click "Search".
- Enter the transfer amount. In the "Comment" field, enter the Email that was specified when registering on the site.
- Click "Transfer" ընթացքում in a few minutes your ArmAuto wallet will be replenished without commission!

3 EVOCA Bank Card

- Card number - 9051 2202 0038 9974
- You can make a transfer directly from the bank or through your bank's mobile application.
- Contact us after translation!

None of these options are convenient, or do you need help? Then contact us.